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Ling Pui Sze and Cheung Tsz Hin Joint Exhibition - Phase 1: Harmony in wood

凌佩詩和張子軒聯展 - 第一步曲:水木相生 循環不息


18 - 27 June 2019

G/F, 50 Sai Street, Central, Hong Kong

Curator: Chun Poon

We are delighted to present "Ólafsfjörður", a two-phase joint exhibition by Ling Pui Sze and Cheung Tsz Hin to be on view from June to August 2019. The exhibition will showcase the latest works by the two artists brought together by SAI50, Sansiao Gallery HK and guest curator Chun Poon. SAI50, situated a quiet neighborhood on Sai Street in between Central and Shang Wan, will host the first part of the exhibition in June.  The second part of the works will be released at Sansiao Gallery HK in July.

Located in the north of Iceland, Ólafsfjörður is a small town with a population of more than 800 residents.  Iceland may not be a familiar country to many local Hong Kong citizens. Therefore, probably even fewer of us are acquainted with Ólafsfjörður - perhaps not even able to pronounce the word. Iceland may give off a perception of being a cold and seclusive location, where some Jedi masters choose to meditate. Imagine that you were going to Iceland - what would you do?  Would you play with snow in the winter streets or graze the sheep in the summer meadow? For Ling Pui Sze and Cheung Tsz Hin, they participated in an artist residency program for a month and a half in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland in 2018, going off the beaten path to further their artistic exploration.

It was an exceptional opportunity for the two artists who grew up in a big city like Hong Kong to be trapped in a state of seclusion, breaking away from familiarity for the first time.  In this new experience, they were greeted with endless scenic landscapes and friendly farmed animal, but human beings in sight were few.  This sudden isolation provided both young creators sufficient time and space to rethink the artistic journey that they have been through.  Through the works of Ling Pui Sze and Cheung Tsz Hin, we hope to explore the enthusiastic persistence of being an artist.  Can it be the will to stay true to one’s original aspiration, or just an artist's romanticism? Or what else can it be?


我們很榮幸於六月至八月期間舉辦凌佩詩和張子軒二部曲聯展《Ólafsfjörður》。 SAI50、Sansiao Gallery HK和客席策展人潘臻將為大家呈現兩位藝術家的最新創作。第一部份展覽將於在六月在中上環寧靜的舊區西街SAI50開展。而於七月兩位藝術家的第二部份的創作將會在Sansiao Gallery HK展出。

Ólafsfjörður (歐拉夫斯菲厄澤)是位於冰島北部的一個有八百多人居住的小鎮。 首先香港人對冰島或已不甚了解,那麼Ólafsfjörður可能更不為港人所知了。 冰島聽起來像是一個很冷的地方,感覺與金庸武俠小說裡面閉關練功的地方有點相似。 那麼如果我們要去冰島,會去做些什麼事呢?在冬天去感受冰天雪地或在夏天去學放羊? 在2018年凌佩詩及張子軒選擇了去冰島的Ólafsfjörður參與了一個多月的藝術家駐留計畫,去尋找他們的藝術。

那是一個偶然的契機,冰島令到兩位香港大城市長大的藝術家第一次感受被困於一種類似閉關練工的狀態。 這人生路不熟的冰島地廣人稀,打開門便是一望無際的大自然和棲息於此的動物,但卻不見幾個人影。 這種突然被孤立的感覺賦予兩位年輕的創作者足夠的空間及時間來重新思考他們的藝術歷程。 我們嘗試通過凌佩詩及張子軒的創作來探討藝術家的那份廢寢忘餐的堅持 - 這是在回憶創作的初衷、是藝術家的浪漫主義、還是什麼?

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