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Stephanie Sin 冼朗兒、Fung Chim 風漸、Sim Chan 陳閃

7 – 13 October 2021

Room 309, 3rd floor, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Curator: Chun Poon

We present Scene, a group exhibition of three Hong Kong artists: Stephanie Sin, Fung Chim and Sim Chan. Adopting everyday scenery as the main theme of their paintings, the artists express their views on the intertwined relationship between the city and the nature.

Landscape has a long-standing history of being a fashionable genre, explored by artists in varied and distinctive styles and mediums. In contemporary art, it is not uncommon finding artists fascinated by pure sceneries. For example, the photography works of German artist Candida Höfer and video works by Taiwan artist Yuan Goang-Ming, in the form of pure scenery, deliver very powerful and impressive imageries.

In this exhibition, the three artists focus on familiar everyday scenes, be it the corner of your backyard, the terrace of an anonymous building, or the cityscape and the urban sky. People are removed from the paintings in one way or another, but traces of the missing figures are everywhere. Whilst devoid of people, the paintings reluctantly emphasize the very existence of humans - roads, buildings and paintings are all made for people. Perhaps, the emptiness invites the viewers to consider themselves as the only existing beings in the scene. This pushes them to immense in the scenery unfolding before their eyes.


景象是歷久不衰的創作題材,在當代藝術中熱愛純景象的藝術家也並不鮮見,如德國藝術家Candida Höfer及台灣袁廣鳴,就以震撼而深刻的攝影或錄像作品探索景象。


Stephanie Sin

Stephanie Sin received her Fine Art BA from RMIT University in 2008 and her MVA from HKBU in 2013. With a strong focus on painting, Stephanie Sin explores contemporary aesthetics stereotypes, and paints from images that were found on the internet, which have subsequently been altered using computer applications. Stephanie draws inspirations from the sense of void in life, manifested in fragmented life moments of individuals and collective routines, insinuating the paradox of life through her works.

Fung Chim graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) in 2007. He is keen on portraying the repetition of plants as well as their variations with a realistic style approach. Each painting seems complicated and painstakingly laid out, but in fact, he applies paint in an intuitive and spontaneous manner, enabled by meticulously planned compositions. He is good at portraying seemingly complicated structures, rendering pictures full of fine, rich details, formed by shapes and brushstrokes of different sizes. Mainly painting with oil on canvas, Fung Chim makes pencil works occasionally.

Sim Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Art School in 2008 studying painting. Conceptually, he is very focused on the contrast between a developing city and the vanishing nature. Technically, his works demonstrate a sound understanding of the effect of light on colours. The cities and landscapes he painted are all fictitious, created based on places in real life. Undeniably, growing up in Hong Kong had a special influence on his creativity.  He watches mountains and the sea being slowly replaced by new buildings every day. Over time, windows and the sky become a common theme in his creations.


Fung Chim


冼朗兒於 2008 年獲得墨爾本 RMIT 大學藝術系的學士學位,並於 2013 年獲得香港浸會大學的 MVA碩士學位。 她專注於繪畫,探索當代美學的刻板印象。冼朗兒以互聯網圖像作為創作藍本進行繪畫,過程中亦用電腦對其進行改造。從個人生活碎片到群體活動規律中的虛無感,為冼朗兒提供了創作靈感,作品中亦反映出其對生活的思考。

風漸於 2007 年畢業於墨爾本RMIT大學,獲得藝術學士學位。 他熱衷於以寫實風格的方式描繪植物的重複性及其變化。 每幅畫看似繁複、苦心經營,但其實整個繪畫過程多數憑着直覺,任意所致。較費心思的反而是構圖、起稿和制作流程的規劃。他擅長刻畫看似繁複的事物,以不同大小的形狀和筆觸鋪陳出整個畫面。風漸以布面油畫創作為主,偶爾亦作素描作品。

陳閃於 2008 年畢業於香港藝術學院,主修繪畫。陳閃的作品聚焦於發展中城市與消失的自然對比,作品技法體現出其在光線變化對顏色影響的研究。他所畫的城市和山水景色並非特定的地方,而是揉合生活所見而虛構而成。當然香港成長的經歷對他的創作有著特別的影響,每天看著山和海慢慢地被新建的大樓遮蓋,久而久之,窗戶和天空便成為了他常用的創作主題。

Sim Chan

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