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​​Twinkling City: Sim Chan Solo Exhibition


27 July - 10 August 2018

Sansiao Gallery HK
1/F, Room 104 - 5 Wilson House, 19 - 27 Wyndham Street,

Central, Hong Kong

Guest Curator: Chun Poon

Window is one of his favorite elements appearing often in Sim's work throughout his artistic career over a decade. While light is another major subject he has been experimenting and developing in this new series of work over past two years. With researches, studies and tests on colors and light, Sim Chan is committed to exploring how light affects the colors we see in a painting.

Looking at the endless windows in his works, we may imagine an absurd life living in an extremely condensed metropolis projecting from those packed windows. On the other hand, windows may imply the endless ideas and creativities. Sim is always interested in exploring various art forms and methods in presenting windows, be it a normal square canvas painting, a painting on Lycra framed in a multi angular shape, or an installation in a room or a building exterior mural. Windows are keys to unlocking the stories behind, which ignites the imaginable spaces on both sides of a window. What will emerge from the other side of that window?

For this particular series of work, Sim Chan is trying to maximize the possibilities of using light in relationship to the colors. Simply the lighting affects what colors we see visually, while colors are the basis of paintings. Through his experiments on colors and light, he customized a self-illuminated device behind the canvas providing a light source. Once the light comes through from the back of the canvas, it changes the traditional color knowledge of the paintings, which become completely different from what we normally see in the daylight. Capable of penetrating many layers of colors on the canvas, illumination from the canvas back leave the conventional training of applying colors no longer practical. Sim takes the opportunity to tour the audience with a very unique experience exploring his paintings in daylight and in the dark.

Born in Hong Kong, Sim Chan, graduated from the Hong Kong Art School in 2008 studying painting. He has participated in numerous exhibitions locally and internationally in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand, Korea, London, Venice, Zurich and Melbourne. Sim was invited to the 15th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition "Stratagems in Architecture" in 2016. His artistic proposal was selected by "Art@Government Buildings 2013-14" and created a public art installation and paintings at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. He was awarded the “40under40” global creative talent by Perspective Magazine in 2013 and was commissioned to create a public art installation at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in the same year.

Twinkling City - show view 1.jpg
Twinkling City - show view 2.jpg
Twinkling City - show view 3.jpg
Twinkling City - show view 4.jpg




陳閃出生於香港,2008年畢業於香港藝術學院主修繪畫。他曾參與許多本地和國際展覽,包括香港、澳門、北京,上海,台北,新加坡,東京,泰國,韓國,倫敦,威尼斯,蘇黎世和墨爾本等。陳氏應邀於2016年參加了第十五屆威尼斯國際建築雙年展-香港展覽《建築兵法》。他在2014年入選「藝聚政府大樓2013-14」並於伊利沙伯體育館制作大型公共藝術裝置及繪畫作品。2013年陳閃入選透視雜誌「40 under 40」獎, 於同年被邀於香港藝術中心制作公共藝術裝置作品。

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