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Master and Apprentice


22 October – 30 November, 2022

(extended to 23 Dec, 2022)

Sansiao Gallery HK
1/F, Room 104 - 5 Wilson House, 19 - 27 Wyndham Street,

Central, Hong Kong

Guest Curator: Chun Poon

Tseng Kwong Chi

Christopher Makos

Sansiao Gallery HK and guest curator Chun Poon are pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition “Master and Apprentice”. The exhibition showcases the works by Hong Kong-born American photographer Tseng Kwong Chi and American photographer Christopher Makos from the Sansiao Gallery collection and unveils new works by the Hong Kong visual artist Rachel Hiu-Yin Ip.

Sansiao Gallery與客席策展人潘臻攜手呈獻《Master and Apprentice》展覽,展出Sansiao Gallery畫廊精選藏品中,出生於香港的美國華裔攝影師曾廣智,和美國攝影師Christopher Makos的作品,以及香港視覺藝術家葉曉燕的新作。


Rachel Hiu-Yin Ip

In theory of master-apprentice relationship, master represents the establishment - matters that are defined, secured and certain; apprentice symbolises revolution - matters that are open to interpretation, mutable and uncertain.  This uncertainty, however, breeds changes and innovations. Master offers experiences and knowledge to apprentice, and apprentice creates experiments and new ideas.



Rachel Hiu-Yin Ip


When photography was introduced in the early 19th century, many people thought painting would be dead soon.  However, painting has instead evolved philosophically and transformed aesthetically throughout the modern era to the contemporary days.  The new technology of photography encouraged innovation and creativity in the traditional art form of painting, with both art forms blooming since then.  This is not that an apprentice must replace a master, but it is possible for both to develop together.  This development demonstrates a fascinating concept of master-apprentice relationship: by bringing together the inherited knowledge and experience from a master and innovations of an apprentice, this will evolve into something completely new.


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